Speed shotgun sight


High visibility and accurate sight for Benelli SP and Speed models

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A high visibility front sight with a sharp aiming point to replace Benelli SP and Speed front sight.

A special two part frame system of the Innovatac Speed shotgun sight allows to fit a 2.54mm (0.1″) litepipe to Benelli SP and Speed models.  Compared to the small orginal 1.5mm fiber, the litepipe will collect and emit significantly more light.

During dynamic shooting, your vision will find the much brighter sight easier. This will help you shoot a lot faster and also more accurately.

The sharp point of the triangle shaped litepipe gives a aiming reference when you need to place your shot very accurately. Height of the front bead with the supplied low triangle litepipe is same than Benelli SP/Speed front sight bead. Typically the center of the point of impact is on the sharp point of the triangle.  The Innovatac Speed shotgun sight fits very well inside the notch of the Benelli SP/Speed flip up rear sight.

Once the frame is screwed on to the barrel rib, the litepipe is mechanically locked inside the sight frame. No melting, glue or etc. required.  The litepipe can be assembled or removed only when the sight frame is screwed off from the barrel rib. Higher litepipes can be fitted to the sight frame to change the POA/POI. The sight can be fitted also to other shotgun models by making two M2.5 threads with 58mm spacing to the rib.

– front and back frame of the sight
– 2pcs red triangle litepipes (low)
– 1cps green triangle litepipe (low)
– 3pcs stainless spare screws (use primarily orginal benelli screws, they are best fit)
– round metal case

Weight: 2g
Material: stainless steel, polymer litepipe

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 57 cm