Benelli Progressive Comfort adjustment kit


Adjustment spacer kit for Benelli Progressive Comfort stocks
(includes spacer set only, not the recoil pad or progressive comfort unit)


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Optimize your Benelli Progressive Comfort stock length exactly to your preference. With this kit the length of pull can be increased up to +37.5mm (1.5in) in 2.5mm (0.1in) increments

Compatible with Benelli 828U, SBE3 Wood, Colombo, Argo E Pro that have the wooden Benelli field stock and use the Progressive Comfort system.  Benelli wooden field stock height is approx 127.5mm at the end of the stock.

Not compatible with Lupo synthetic stock. Not compatible with Benelli 828U Sport (Progressive Balancing), Raffaello Wood and Ethos Wood that use the Benelli Sport stock. Benelli Sport stock is larger, and the height is approx 131mm in the end of the stock. Link to Benelli Sport adjustment kit  

– 20mm spacer (height 127.5mm)
– 10mm spacer (height 127.5mm)
– 5mm spacer (height 127.5mm)
– 2.5mm spacer (height 127.5mm)
– screw set

Assembly instructions:
– remove recoil pad and Progressive Comfort System from the stock
– insert the wanted amount of spacers on to the Comfort System
– pin can be used to align the stack of spacers (not necessary)
– assemble the combination with appropriate screws

NOTE! Using too long screws can leave the spacers loose or damage the stock. Select screw/spacer combination so that the screw inside the wooden stock is similar or slightly shorter than original. Do not use screw that inserts deeper in to the stock than than original screws (approx 18mm, see picture)!

Weight:  from 5g to 66g
Material: nylon

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Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 1 cm


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