Beretta pitch spacer

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Recoil pad pitch spacer for Beretta 1301 to be used with orginal recoil pad


When shooting targets in low angles and horizontally, traditional recoil pads are typically not fully supported by the shooters body at the top of the stock. Increasing pitch will bring the support point of the stock higher. When the the support point is higher and closer to the barrel line, muzzle rise will be reduced.

This solution uses the original recoil pad to significantly adjust Beretta 1301 stock pitch. This is your choice if you want to adjust your stock pitch angle, but do not want a fully custom recoil pad assembly. The orginal recoil pad can be mounted up to 9° angle, 20mm taper.

Available versions :
11-1mm (4.5° angle, 10mm taper)
21-1mm (9° angle, 20mm taper)

Fits Beretta 1301 and compatible stocks (normal Comp and Comp Pro etc.)

Includes pitch spacer only, no screws or recoil pad.

Weight:  19g (11-1mm) or 33g (21-1mm)
Material: nylon

Delivery time for backorders approx 3 weeks (if not in stock)



Additional information

Weight 0,07 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 2 cm

10MM TAPER (4.5°), 20MM TAPER (9°)