Tapered Benelli Compact recoil pad adapter kit

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Tapered recoil pad adapter kit for Benelli ComforTech Compact
(includes adapter set only, recoil pad ordered separately)


Optimize your stock length exactly to your preference and customize it with different recoil pads.

Recoil pad adapter kit that snaps on to Benelli ComforTech Compact stock, or a standard stock that is cut -20mm with the included jig. The kit allows the use of screw attachment aftermarket recoil pads and spacers.

Tapered version, that changes the original pitch angle of the stock and it is adjustable 4.5° or 9° (10-20mm taper) without removing material from the spacers. Add or remove (or grind down) spacers to fit the stock perfectly for you. See the dimensional drawings for the full range of adjustment.

When shooting targets in low angles and horizontally, traditional recoil pads are typically not fully supported by the shooters body at the top of the stock. Increasing pitch will bring the support point of the stock higher. When the the support point is higher and closer to the barrel line, muzzle rise will be reduced.

Benelli Comfortech Compact stock is approximately 20mm shorter than normal Comfortech stock. Kit includes a measuring jig, that will help you to cut down a normal stock accurately. After cutting, the stock will accept Innovatac Benelli Compact adaper kit. The full kit includes enough spacers to bring the compact stock back to similar length than the orginal Comfortech stock, if Compact length is too short for the user. See the dimensional drawings for the full range of adjustment.

When the stock is cut, older ComforTech stocks will also accept Benelli original Compact recoil pad, which is smaller than the normal recoil pad. Normal Benelli recoil pad will no longer fit. New ComforTech 3 stock (SBE3, Speed, etc) can be cut and it works well with this InnovaTAC compact adapter, but does not accept Benelli original Compact recoil pad very well when they are shortened.

– Compact cutting jig
– Benelli Compact tapered adapter base
– 10mm spacer (version available without this spacer)
– 5mm spacer
– pitch spacer #2
– spacer centering pin
– screw set

Includes adapter set only, recoil pad ordered separately.

Assemble required spacers in this order (10mm, 5mm, pitch spacer #2). Because the spacers are tapered, the holes for the screws are angled also. So the screws won’t fit well if the assembly is not done in this order. However any spacer except the adapter base can be left out from the stock assembly if not needed.

Pre-drilled for 82mm distance between mounting screw center points.

Assembly: center spacers to the adapter base with included pin, screw the recoil pad on with long enough screws, snap on the assembly to the stock
Disassembly: remove the recoil pad and screws and push from the inside of the stock so that the adapter base hooks are dislocated from the stock. Alternative way is to use a thin flat screwdriver to pry from the outside of the stock and dislocate the hooks, but that can leave marks on your stock and the adapter.

Weight:  NA
Material: nylon

Delivery time for backorders approx 4 weeks (if not in stock)

Note: Updated to gen2 12/2021, new appearance to give better looks with all Comfortech versions. 




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