Bolt action chamber flag


Chamber flag for bolt action rifles

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High durability, high visibility and very user friendly safety chamber flag for bolt action rifles.

Insertion and removal of the BACF happens in seconds, it is very easy and fast using only one hand. The flag will block the firearm chamber but will not stick in to the chamber walls. The chamber flag body will rest against the front of the ejection port and the bolt breech face. The rear of flag will not interfere or rest against the extractor.

BACF is a unique design with a spring loaded two piece body. It will be hooked in the ejection port very securely, even for transport. And when inserted, the the spring will keep the bolt back and prevent it from bouncing back and forth.

The bright red “remove before flight” tag will prevent you losing this chamber flag so easily.

Material of the chamber flag body is polyacetal (Delrin) and the spring is stainless steel. Materials are very durable and will last you a long time of use.

Includes the chamber flag body and a red “remove before flight” tag.

For rifles from caliber .222 Rem and up. Ejection port size from 70mm up to 100mm. Minimum ejection port height 12mm. Optimal for most typical 308 Win. and bigger rifles. It will also fit smaller receivers, but check the sizing.

Product design is protected, exclusive IPR rights EUIPO RCD 2023, InnovaTAC Oy.

Note 1: if you use the BACF in rifle transport, check that your rifle will not drop your bolt. If the bolt latch in your rifle is very sensitive and there is a risk of loosing the bolt, do not use the BACF in transport. Or secure the bolt for example to the BACF body with a rubber band.

Note 2: BACF can be also used in rifles with a very short receiver (ejection port 54..70mm) by removing the front body and inserting only the back body and spring inside the rifle receiver.



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