Straight Benelli Compact recoil pad adapter kit

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Recoil pad adapter kit for Benelli ComforTech Compact
(includes adapter set only, recoil pad ordered separately)


Optimize your stock length exactly to your preference and customize it with different recoil pads.

Recoil pad adapter kit that snaps on to Benelli ComforTech Compact stock. The kit allows the use of screw attachment aftermarket recoil pads and spacers.

Straight version, this does not change the original pitch angle of the stock. Full kit includes spacers and used with SHU 17mm recoil pad, gives you the adjustment from 17-35mm. More Innovatac and SHU spacers can be added to increase length of pull. The adapter base works also without any spacers, and it can be ordered separately.

Benelli Comfortech Compact stock is approximately 20mm shorter than normal Comfortech stock.  With the adapter base attached you can cut down a normal stock accurately. After cutting, the stock will accept Innovatac Benelli Compact adapter kit. By adding spacers the compact stock can be adjusted longer if needed.

When the stock is cut, older ComforTech stocks will also accept Benelli original Compact recoil pad, which is smaller than the normal recoil pad. Normal Benelli recoil pad will no longer fit. New ComforTech 3 stock (SBE3, Speed, etc) can be cut and it works well with this InnovaTAC compact adapter, but does not accept Benelli original Compact recoil pad very well when they are shortened.

Full kit includes:
– Benelli Compact adapter base (used also as the cutting jig)
– 10mm spacer
– 5mm spacer
– 3mm spacer
– spacer centering pin (not necessary)
– screw set

Adapter base only includes:
– Benelli Compact adapter base (used also as the cutting jig)
– screw set

10mm spacer only includes:
– 10mm spacer
– spacer centering pin
– longer screw set


Includes adapter set only, recoil pad ordered separately.

Pre-drilled for 82mm distance between mounting screw center points.

Assembly: center spacers to the adapter base with included pin (not necessary), screw the recoil pad on with long enough screws, snap on the assembly to the stock
Disassembly: remove the recoil pad and screws, remove the spacers, pry out the adapter base so that the hooks are dislocated and take it out from the stock

Weight:  NA
Material: nylon

Delivery time for backorders approx 4 weeks (if not in stock)

This is not the tapered compact kit shown in the below video. This kit is straight. Cutting procedure is the same.




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