Microcell recoil pad


Light and soft recoil pad, similar to Benelli AirCell or Beretta MicroCore


The design and the innovative material of Microcell recoil pads lead to incredibly light and soft recoil pads. Its absorption rate of the recoil is outstanding even after thousands of shots.  Microcell recoil pads can be adapted to fit various stocks.

The Microcell grind to fit recoil pads are very similar to the orginal Benelli aircell or Beretta MicroCore recoil pads. If the orginal soft feeling of the recoil pad is what you are after, this is your choice. With the softness and more compression of the recoil pad and stock, shooting comfort can be increased. But if maximum control of the gun during shooting is what you are after, we recommend the SHU recoil pads:  https://www.innovatac.fi/tuote/shu-recolor-recoil-pad/ . SHU recoil pads can also be easier to grind than these.

The recoil pads are made of microcell material on top and harder base polymer base that are fused together.

Weight after fitting: approx 60-40g
Size: thickness 15mm or 23mm width and height grind to fit
Mounting:  2pcs 4mm pan head screws (not included)

80mm distance between mounting center points. Can be fitted to stocks with 78..82mm distance between mounting screw center points. The Microcell recoil pad can be fitted to all InnovaTAC adapters. It also works with the US 3⅛” screw spacing.

Microcell recoil pads can be grinded down very small size. So these can be a good choice if you are making a unusually short stock with the InnovaTAC universal adapter.

Instructions for fitting:
– mount the recoil pad to the stock or adapter
– for tapered recoil pads: check the desired length of pull (amount of spacers) before grinding! A fully grinded tapered recoil pad will only fit nicely to one spacer setup
– grind off excess material with 180 grit sandpaper and belt sander of equivalent, protect the stock and fitted spacers with masking tape or grind without stock
– mount the recoil pad and check for fit
– repeat process if necessary
– use belt sander with high speed for best results


Additional information

Weight N/A

15mm, 23mm


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