LAMRA6 shotgun loading assist


Minimalistic shotgun shell holder for 6 shells

Hook&loop attachment

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The fast shotgun shell holder that will require the least amount of space when attached to your equipment.

This product has been developed for rapid loading of 2-6 shotgun shells. It will attach securely to any equipment with hook&loop. The required space for the shell holder is minimal on your equipment (less than 50% compared to any other system with same capacity). Weight is minimal when empty, and the holder can also be easily removed and put in your pocket. The shotgun shells are securely held in the LAMRA from their rims, and a small magnet will prevent the shells bouncing out from the holder during fast movement.

The shell holder will allow various modern shotgun loading styles, releasing two shells to the users hand at a time. Most users will find handling two shells easy, even with gloves on. With minimal training, the loading speed will be significantly improved compared to traditional elastic loops or a shotgun side saddle.

LAMRA6 is the ideal shotgun shell holder, when:
– shotgun reloading speed is needed
– shotgun needs to remain pointed towards a target ready to shoot when loading
– minimal training is preferred
– shotgun loading port can not be significant grinded open and modified for IPSC/3-gun competition style loading
– attachment space on equipment is limited

Supplied with hooktape attached to the back and same size looptape included.

Size: 80x55x16mm
Weight 45g
Material: machined acetal plastic, very high durability

Design protected, exclusive IPR EUIPO RCD 2020, Innovatac Oy

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Weight 0,085 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 cm


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