Grind to fit service for a SHU recoil pad


Grind to fit service for one SHU recoil pad




If you do not have the grinding tools available or want to save yourself the trouble, this service can be ordered with a SHU recoil pad. For one pad only, add to shopping basket as many as you need. Write a comment during checkout if you have recoil pad color/grind to fit variations in your order.

Corners will be with minimum bevel, you can round them more to your preference. Surface will not be polished or oiled, you can apply finishing to your preference (some fine sandpaper and silicone oil will give the recoil pad even nicer look).

Straight recoil pads will be delivered 100% ready.

Tapered recoil pads will be delivered 95%  ready. They are grind to maximum pitch angle and lower edge with some additional material left over. For flush fit, tapered recoil pads will require some finishing from the top/low edge after you have adjusted your preferred pitch angle.

Available only for Innovatac recoil pad adapter sizes.

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Benelli 1pcs, Tapered Benelli 1pcs, Beretta 1301 1pcs, Tapered Benelli Compact 1pcs


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