EMP-2 ejecting magnetic picker


Magnetic picker for shotgun and other steel cased shells

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The magnetic picker that will make cleaning up easy and fast. Poke the ground with the picker and up to 35 empty shotgun shells will climb up the magnetic head. With the captive ejector handle you can push the shells in the trash bin.

The ejector is more powerful and bigger than in any previous models. Also the captive ejector handle can be removed and reversed. When reversed, it works as a magnetic shield for the extremely high powered magnet in the picker head.

EMP-2 can be disassembled for transport. The upper and lower parts are connected with stainless steel threads. With the reversed ejector handle as magnetic shield, transport can be much easier. Caution: even with the magnetic protector, do not place the magnetic picker close to anything that could be damaged by the powerful magnet.

Never pick up shells by hand again!

Weight: 650g
Length: approx. 1010mm when assembled
Maximum storage temperature +80°C

Additional information

Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 57 cm