EMP ejecting magnetic picker


Magnetic picker for shotgun and other steel cased shells

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The magnetic picker that will make cleaning up easy and fast. Poke the ground with the picker and up to 35 empty shotgun shells will climb up the magnetic head.

Spring return ejector will drop the shells when you place the picker on top of thrash bin and push the front tube forward.

EMP is a upgrade of the orginal King Competition magnetic shell picker. EMP features closed design, so dirt will not go up with the magnetic head. The point and aluminium head durability is increased and it will last a lot of poking and collecting shells. The upper handle is made very strong to prevent bending if misused and the lower part is lightweight aluminium to keep the total weight down and handling easy.

A big upgrade is also the shipping length. EMP is supplied in two parts in the packaging to provide you with more economical shipping charges. To permanently attach the two parts:
– apply the included epoxy glue inside the upper handle connection part
– epoxy will harden quickly in a few minutes when activated, so apply epoxy immediately after opening/activating
– place the black and round picker point on hard surface before pushing the upper handle down
– push and tap gently (for example with a rubber hammer or something similiar) the upper handle down, until the connection is flush while round and black picker point is on hard surface
– attach the upper handle immediately after applying epoxy, wait minimum 20 minutes for the epoxy to set
– newer pick up shells by hand again

Weight: 620g
Length: 975mm
Maximum storage temperature +80°C

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 57 cm